We assemble many of all of our finished products. Fuji CP-6 nozzles are an example of a simple yet very precise part (the tolerance on the assembled length is + or - .0005 inches or .0125mm). We have designed and built finished gauges fixtures with lterally dozens of parts. The common assembly methods we are most adept at using are press fits, slip fits with Loctite products, fasteners, riveting and pressure sensitive adhesives.


Above: Inspection fixture designed and built in house,  checks 4 different dimensions

Above: Inspection and calibration fixture, for CP-6 head shafts sets lengths and checks for concentricity, designed and built in house

Above: Nozzles for picking up 603 pin Intel connector built for Intel

Above: Nozzle for low insertion force connector built for Intel

Above: Nozzle and nozzle tip for placing the connectors shown