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CP2 and CP3
CP7 and CP8
IP1 and IP2
(IP2) retip
XP and NXT
Other nozzles

IP-1 & IP-2

Special .7mm Nozzle
IPH-3430 SS 1.0mm Nozzle
IPH-3420 S 1.3mm Nozzle
IPH-3410 M 2.5mm Nozzle
Special 2.5mm Nozzle Soft Tip
IPH-3400 L 4.0mm Nozzle
IPH-4510 LL 7.0mm Nozzle
IPH-4520 LL 10.0mm Nozzle
IPH-4530 LL 15.0mm Nozzle
IPH-4540 LL 20.0mm Nozzle
IP-LL-25 25.0mm Nozzle
IP-LL-30 30.0mm Nozzle
Following are Fixed or C-Axis:
IP-2 C-AXIS SSS .7mm Nozzle
AKPH-2020 1.0mm Nozzle
AKPH-2030 1.3mm Nozzle
AKPH-2040 2.5mm Nozzle
IP-2 C-AXIS MST 2.5mm Nozzle Soft Tip
IP-2 C-AXIS L 4.0mm Nozzle
IP-2 C-AXIS L O-ring 4.0mm Nozzle O-Ring

Most of these nozzles are available with full heat-treated or medium hard bodies. The medium hard nozzles will last for several retippings. Please specify when ordering. For more info, click here.

For a price quotation or more information regarding any of our nozzles or services, please call or email us using the information in our "Contact us" page.

6 gallons of IP2 blanks
6 gallons of IP2 blanks

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