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Calkins Machine Corp. We have been in business for 25 years. Our specialties have been improved replacement parts for the electronics and oil industries. Many times our parts have been real improvements over the originals and in all cases we saved our customers much money over the costs of OEM parts.

Our machinery is rather specialized for turning and machining small parts, our largest bar capacity is 1.65 or 42mm. We can handle larger parts by chucking. Producing CP-6 nozzles for the electronics industry has caused us to add our Hardinge GT to our line up of machines and this machine allows us to hold extremely close tolerances.

The job shop work that we have done has included parts from many different fields such as the medical, automotive, aircraft, sports industry (fire arms parts and game feeder parts).

Because of the skills we developed in the spare parts field we are able to assemble parts into ready to install units that save our customers untold time and grief.